Brass miniature set  is made by pure brass.
It is made by molding the brass by hands.

Good choice for your kids play set.
A Home decor product.

you can choose this for gifting.

Also you can place this set in your Navaratri Golu or Sankranthi Bommala koluvu.

This set includes

1) Stainless steel stand 16″

2) Gas cooker set ( gas burner, cylinder, cooker and a small kadai)
3) Kettle Set  (kettle with stand, 6 plates and 6 cups with stand)
4) Chakla set (chakla,belan,chimta, pakkad, tawa, kadai)
5) Bucket
6) Khalbatta
7) Oil Can
8) 2 glasses
9) 4 spoons
10) Hand pump
11) a set of 3 tope with lids
12) Tap Pawali
13) Small tiffin dabba
14) 4 plates.
15) Masala Dabba
16) Mixer
17) Spoon Stand
18) Shevga
19) Water cannon
20) Chulha
21) Villi
22) Idli cooker
23) Ubha Dabba set of 3
24) Kadi Dabba
25) Paraat

Total Number of pcs –more than 60

Steel stand Measurements – 16 inches.


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