chapati peeta / Brass Roti maker set / Pital Ka Chakla Belan Set





(alternatively spelled chapatti, chappati, chapathi, or chappathi

The word chapat (Hindi:चपत, chapat) means “flat”, which describes the traditional method of forming rounds of thin dough by slapping the dough between the wetted palms of the hands.

With each slap, the round of dough is rotated.

Chapatis are one of the most common forms of wheat bread which is staple food in South Asia.

The carbonized wheat grains discovered at the excavations at Mohenjo-Daro are of a similar variety to an endemic species of wheat still to be found in India today. The Indus valley is known to be one of the ancestral lands of cultivated wheat. Chapati is a form of roti or rotta (bread). The words are often used interchangeably. Chapati or rotta is made of whole wheat flour and cooked on a tava (flat skillet). courtesy – wikipedia

Now this Roti maker set is made with pure Brass

this set is a play set for kids

you can add this in your Home decor collection

you can keep in your Navaratri golu or sankranthi Bommala koluvu too

Measurements are given on the image.

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Weight 131 kg


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