Etikoppaka counting Joker is a play toy and also Learning toy made of soft wood.

This product is made up by Etikoppaka crafts man and colored with Natural colors and Lacquer finish.

Etikoppaka products are famous for their Natural colors.There are specific procedures for preparing different dyes.

These products are completely Eco friendly and child safe.

This was designed perfectly for your child to learn while playing.

Give this counting joker to your kids to arrange the numbers 1to 10

Before you give them you disarrange the numbers and ask them re-arrange by turning each circle here and there.

we are very sure the bright Natural colors make it attractive for the kids.

And every child likes the joker very much. So they will for sure like this toy because they can play with and also learn.

The Etikoppaka counting Joker is Non toxic and Environment friendly.

Additional information

Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 17 cm


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