Lord Balaji and padmavathi with mangalavadyam/kondapalli dolls

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Lord Balaji and padmavathi with mangalavadyam doll is from kondapalli Handicrafts.

Kondapalli dolls are famous globally for their light weight, vibrant colors.

These dolls are themed around Rural life, village life, Farming , village professions, animals and also on Mythology like Ram parivar, Dasavatara etc

Kondapalli Dolls are made of wood available locally called as Tella Poniki (White Sander wood and botanically called Jiuotia Rotteri Fromis).


Lord Balaji, padmavathi along with Mangala vadyam set.

which includes the NADASWARAM, MRUDAMGAM and TAALAM. 

Lord Balaji and padmavathi Beautifully crafted in poniki wood and colored with Bright colors.

You can place in your Pooja mandir, wondeful choice for Gifting.

you can place this doll in your Navaratri golu or Sankranthi Bommala koluvu

Do you know who is the Author of ‘ sri venkateswara suprabhatam’

sri venkateswara suprabhatam composed by Prativadi Bhayankara Annam 

suprabhatam is the first and foremost Ritual performed in the morning at Tirumala Tirupati Balaji temple.

The venkateswara suprabhatam chanted at Tirupati temple consists of 70 sanskrit shlokas.

It is divided in to four parts.

1. suprabhatam

2. stotram

3. prapatti

4. Mangala sasanam

suprabhatam sung to awaken the Lord

stotram – it extols the greatness and nobility of Balaji

prapatti – In this shlokas the devotee surrenders totally to Lord Balaji

Mangala sasanam – This is the fourth and final part of suprabhatam. In it the devotee wishes Lord Balaji all the very best in his activities.

1 review for Lord Balaji and padmavathi with mangalavadyam/kondapalli dolls

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Best part in this website is the extra information you are giving.I think Balaji and ammavaru along with Nadaswaram makes complete set.

    • Sri Ram Samruddhi

      Thank you Dear Aparna we will try to give extra information which is relavant to the product. This will continue in the future also.
      As you said we too felt Balaji,Ammavaru and Nadaswaram Makes complete set.Thanks for liking and giving order for this. As you suggested we will post another set Along with white elephants soon. Let me know your opinion then.

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