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Women fortune teller or Sodi doll from kondapalli crafts.

kondapalli Handicrafts or Kondapalli dolls are famous globally for their light weight, vibrant colors.

These dolls are themed around Rural life, village life, Farming , village professions, animals and also on Mythology like Ram parivar, Dasavatara etc

Just go back few years…we used to call ‘sodi ammayi’ to ask something which is bothering us especially when our dear ones passes suddenly we want to know why they left us…

These women say like this ‘ sodi cheputanamma sodi cheputanu…unnadi unnattu cheputanu…lenidi lenatlu cheputanu…

Bejavada kanakadurgamma meeda ana…kanchi kamakshi meeda ana…and so on…’

These kind of scenes are very common not only in villages in cities too…

But now we cannot see them anymore or they may be very few who is practicing this still.

The woman in very simple clothes may be in a cotton saree and nose ring ( mukkupudaka ) and anklets.

This doll represents very typical sodi telling…very Rural…very Indian and very traditional.

To our surprise they do tell certain things correct. I never understand in my childhood how they are able to say those things…

whatever it is whether they say facts or not but i personally like this practice to certain extent untill unless no cheating from both ends.

why i like this because it’s some kind of relief to woman from their regular stress and the sodi ammayi is getting her livelyhood.

This product is made up of light wood and the colors are Natural colors.

This is completely Eco friendly and good choice for your Navarathri Golu or Sankranthi Bommala koluvu

Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 18 x 10 cm

2 reviews for women fortune teller – Sodi- kondapalli dolls

  1. 5 out of 5

    Love to Buy all the miniatures. In my childhood I Used to play with all these miniatures. Now a days it is very difficult to get them. Want to buy for my daughter. Thanks aot for bringing all these available.

    • Thanks alot Dear Aparna.
      Bringing all these miniatures is a tough job but still we are trying our best.
      Thanks for your words.

  2. 5 out of 5

    We used to call sodi ammayi whenever we want to know about my great grand mother. My Grand mother used to call her. I too never understand how come they say certain things exactly. I really liked when sodi ammayi starts ” sodi cheputanamma sodi cheputanu… Unnadi unnatlu cheputanu lenidi lenatlu cheputanu… “I will definitely add this to my cart.

    • Dear Aparna what you said is absolutely correct.

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