Annapurne sadapurne , sankara prana vallabhe                                                                                                                                                                      Gyana vyragya siddyardham,Bhikshaam dehicha Parvathi
Mata cha Parvathi devi , Pitha devo maheswaraha
Bandhava siva bhaktaschya , swadeso bhuvanatrayam

Our Journey

• “Annapurna The Trupti Food” got launched on 17thJanuary 2021 on the platform of SriRamSamruddhi
• motto :“Every pinch of taste in the powder should reach the heart and give utmost satisfaction to the appetite”


  • •Our interest is to provide very good taste and utmost satisfaction in every pinch of powder used by our food lovers.
  • •Traditional cooking methods are used where the organic pulses are fried on low flame of cow dung cakes so that each grain of pulses has same temperature .Extreme care is taken while frying so that their nutrients are not lost.
  • •The fried pulses are left to cool and then made into powder using traditional grinding stone.
    • Rock salt and turmeric in every powder is used so that the powders can be used for long time.
    • Our Ecofriendly packing is supported by palm leaf box and cloth bags.

Why Annapurna?


Our Traditional powders in traditional Palm leaf Box packing
We respect Nature. Don’t want to add anything to Nature which is non Eco friendly.
We are not using tape also if you observe our packing. Customers are giving positive feedback it means a lot for us..
Aroma… Texture… Taste…
Our products speaks.
Thanks to God and universe giving this opportunity Annapurna the Trupti foods…
Thanks for the support.

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