Kondapalli Dolls

Kondapalli dolls are made of locally available wood (Thella Poniki)  and they are  famous globally for their light weight and vibrant colors.

These dolls are themed around rural life, village life, farming , village professions, animals and also on Mythology like Ram Parivar, Dasavatara, etc.,

The artisans who make these toys are known as ‘Aryakshatriyas’.

It is said that these craftsmen migrated from Rajasthan to Kondapalli around the 16th century bringing with them the art of crafting toys. This 400-year old tradition has passed on from generation to generation with every member taking part in the toy-making activity in ‘Toy Colony’ of Kondapalli, There is also reference to this group of people in the “Brahmanda Purana”. This community claims its origin to Muktharishi, who is said to have been endowed with skills in arts and crafts by Lord Shiva himself. ( courtesy – D’source )

These dolls are displayed in Sankranti Bommala koluvu and Navaratri golu. Several natural materials like makku (gluing paste of tamarind seed powder & saw dust), sudda (lime), temma jiguru (acacia gum) and natural dyes are used to finish the toys.

Most of the families learnt the craft of Kondapalli toys from their ancestors and it is been passed from generation to generation.

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