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Etikoppaka Wooden Haldi Kumkum Dolls


Height: 7 Inches

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Any art form is
Expression of life… Beauty…Emotions…
and Expression of Bondage…

These Doll boxes also carry out all these expressions.

In the Hands of Etikoppaka artists the wood is shaped as Kumkum box and we can say this is heights of creativity.

The resin used for lacquering is mixed with vegetable dyes for pleasing shades like earthy yellow, chrome red, leafy green etc. Great pride is taken in using natural colors.
Lacquering of toys is done on mechanical or hand held lathes, the latter being preferred for delicate items
Dry lac is pressed against wood and then pressed with heat.

And we tried our best to bring liveliness in this Doll Kumkum Box.

To know more about Etikoppaka Dolls, click here.


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